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About Me:

Siri Mera Kaur- A Kundalini Yogi, Spiritual Healer, Writer/Artist, Breastfeeding Counselor, Doula, Nanny and Health Coach.  Feel free to contact me at sirikaur@ymail.com or visit my website http://sirimerakaur.com for more information on other services.

For information about a fruit-based diet, raw vegan diet and/or raising vegetarian and vegan children/families visit www.lfrvfamilies.com

About This:

Nanny Naturale

Yogi Scouts: Personal development for kids, subscription service.
Karma is a biz: Career and education coaching for teens and young adults.

Local:  Augusta, GA, CSRA.

Beefruitfull family health- Natural health coaching, cleanses and demonstrations for families. I’m an expert in getting kids eating fruits and veggies. Boxes available including nutrition and health necessities for creating a healthy lifestyle for your family.

Natural household management- Grocery, meal planning, meal prep, kitchen organizing, scheduling, products and more.

Sacred pregnancy- from pre-conception to the 4th trimester: fitness, relaxation/meditation, nutrition and spiritual development. Includes education, support and doula services throughout pregnancy, birthing way ceremonies before birth, breastfeeding education and help after birth, pregnancy and birth story collaboration/coaching, meal prep after birth, sleep help after birth, diapering/EC help after birth, family coordinating/organizing before and after birth, yoga before and after birth, sacred sexuality after birth and many more healing services. Inquire for more information.

Homeschool and enrichment education & tutoring- Reading, writing, literacy, creativity and Spanish classes.

Community nanny- parenting cooperative, regularly scheduled meetings with children and parents. Creates a sense of community, tribal village living that nurtures the parents and children in living effectively as a family.

Click here to sign up for a free consultation for any services: http://eepurl.com/CgPLr

7 thoughts on “About Page

  1. Hey there (:
    Thanks for stopping by our blog and reading our post!
    Your blog is super-filled with so many interesting things and it’s so diverse! My sister is practicing yoga and I will forward your blog to her too (:
    Happy Blogging!
    Sia from NewlyVegs (:

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