The Fruitalini Way

Fruitalini Yoga is the merge of Kundalini, Yogic Lifestyle and living a fruitful and fruit-filled life.

Fruit eating is symbolically simple, satisfying and spirited.  It  represents a very sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle, and is naturally the healthiest food for humans.

Yoga and food go together.  During my yoga teacher training, our required diet was just as life-altering and profound a learning experience, as the yoga itself.

We want to show people what yoga is truly about.  For us, yoga is not about classes, poses, clothing, products or gurus.  For us Yoga is about living.

Through our yogic training and experience living as yogis for several years, we have learned a huge array of topics, solutions, possibilities and practices for many different life events.  That is what Yoga is about…not physical flexibility, holistic flexibility.

We have learned to adapt and adjust ideas, programs, goals, and life itself to fit people and circumstances.  We have done much of this at random, letting things come to us voluntarily.  We now feel we have paid our dues, we are authentic yogis and we are able to focus on bringing the yogic way to individuals, families, businesses, communities and more.

We will be offering various programs, services, coaching/consulting, and more.  We have experienced a wide range of life’s offerings and we are truly open to whatever our customers need, as long as they are open to the Fruitalini Way, we will be there providing a full spectrum holistic support for implementing yoga into life for whatever situations our customers need help with.

We will start listing specific, pre-designed programs and services we will offer, but feel free at anytime to contact us with your questions or comments.

The Fruitalini Way: Juicy, colorful, natural, messy, energetic, gnarly, explosive!


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