So You Wanna Be Vegan or Raw (Or Someone In Your Family Does)?

Allow me to introduce you to my online forum LFRV Families. That stands or low-fat raw vegan…but let me assure you not everyone or possibly anyone on the forum represents that 100% of the time. The site is more relaxed than that and not the least bit dogmatic. That’s what’s so great about it.

There is considerable interest and knowledge of Natural Hygiene, fruitarian and raw vegan lifestyles on the site, however. And many of the members on the site have kids who are eating/living this way as well.

Since my blog is all about Nanny related issues…let’s go with the kids who eat raw or vegan or close…

This website is going to be expanded shortly and have two different sections.  One will be for advice and community on a public forum…the topic is of course living a natural lifestyle and creating a preference for fruits and vegetables in our lives.  It’s for people of all ages to discuss issues related to or supporting the “it takes a village to raise a family” perspective…of course, we’re talking about it takes a village to make healthy lives more easy to live.

All of the issues related to being fruitful, in wealth, health and family will be discussed.  We will also discuss relationships and remembering our childhood.  We will support each other, share discussions, pictures, advice, challenges and there will be classes, courses, discussions, opportunities, resources and products together.  We’ll have articles and programs we promote to deal with the problems others are experiencing in the community.

The topics so far will be on helping picky eaters, helping families transition to veg* or raw diets, pregnancy and postpartum health programs, reports on helping your community, workplace or family members support your lifestyle and programs on communication & relationships(especially helping couples after the birth of a child).   We have many other reports and courses in the works and we will feature special teachers and expert members you can contact, learn from or consult with as time goes by.   We’re also open to your ideas and will offer contests and challenges to help create a close-knit community and incentives for sharing your stories and desires to live healthier, more meaningful lives.

We’ll help older children or adults connect with their family or community about their health and nutrition needs and preferences.   The other part of the website will be private and will be more for families only.  This section will help to represent younger children and allow those children to participate, interact and show their ideas and interests to a group of children who have similar lifestyles.  It is also available so parents can share more personal stories of their children and lifestyle.   The members of this group will receive more opportunities and input with the content of the main, public part of the website.  This blog will be completely integrated onto the website.

You can visit the website at any time…  There are many changes in the works and it should all be straightened out in the next month, but feel free to join, introduce yourself, post any questions or suggestions you have or just offer any ideas you have to improve the site.  Everyone is invited, as long as you fill out the sign-up form profile questions.  I hope to see you there!

Here’s the link:


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